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HSC English 1st Paper - The SchoolBoy by William Blake Summary and Notes

The summary: 
This poem expresses the feeling of a young boy who loves to be free, feel the nature and joy of the life. It also focuses in the negative sides of our education system that seems to bound a boy within a limit and lots of 'dos and don'ts'. 

The speaker of this poem is a young boy who rises early in the summer and loves to hear the songs of bird and sweet horn of huntsmen. He feels it annoying to go to school in such a beautiful weather. But he is constrained to go to school. He finds no delight either in study or class because he wants to play outside and witness the beautiful weather. He feels like a trapped songbird in a cage. He complains to his parents that how children can grow and thrive if they are not allowed to enjoy the nature.

The Schoolboy by William Blake

I love to rise in a summer morn,When the birds sing on every tree;The distant huntsman winds his horn,And the skylark sings with me:O what sweet company!
But to go to school in a summer morn, – O it dr…
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Right Forms of Verbs for HSC

Putting the right verbs in their correct form is basically task of this important part of English Grammar. We will learn the rules and also practice them below. So, let's become expert in Right Forms of Verb. This chapter is specially designed for Higher Secondary level students.

Rule 1: 
If we find the subject of verb as third person singular number, we have to add s or es at the ending of the verb. In this case, we need to identify the sentence as present indefinite. This rule won't work for other tenses.   
He wakes at up 6 O'clock.
She needs a break.
Shifat plays football everyday.

If you look up closely, you will find that subjects of these 3 sentences refer to third person singular number. So, we added e or es according to the rule.

Rule 2:
If we find any kinds of words that is similar to the words mentioned below, we will identify the sentence as present indefinite.

Always, Generally, Regularly, Occasionally, Rarely, Often, Daily, Everyday, Sometimes, Consta…

Becoming Negligent in the first 3 months of College life

It is shameful to state that I was totally negligent, inattentive and careless in the past 3 months. I got admitted to BAF Shaheen College Kurmitola back in July. I wasn't really happy getting admitted but luck, wrong choice and a weak research on college selection took me there.

I unconsciously selected B A F Shaheen College Kurmitola rather than Shaheen College Dhaka. Actually there are two branch of B A F Shaheen College in Dhaka. The main branch is located at Tejgaon and another one is at Kurmitola. I didn't took it seriously and faultily selected the Kurmitola branch. And finally, it headed me towards frustration and regret of not getting admitted to a better college. I could get admitted to much better college than this with the result I obtained. 

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Time Management Apps to Improve Productivity

As a college student, time management is a vital and one of the most important task for me. I guess time management is equally important for all of you. Doing the right task at appropriate period makes us disciplined and efficient.

When you contemplate about time management, you must thought about making a routine. Hey man, it's not time for that. You shouldn't try making a routine in a note sitting in a table. The time management has already become much easier. Just pick up your smartphone and try the apps mentioned below.

TimeTune This is the app that I trust most while making a routine with a view to accomplish specific new habits. The design, concept and UI of this app is really great. TimeTune helps you to make routine and also schedule for any plans. You can easily set up routine for managing time using this app. 
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I Got GPA 5.0 in the S.S.C Examination 2018!

Good News Readers! I am really amazed to share that, I obtained GPA 5.0 in my secondary school certificate examination. You would be glad to know that it is the highest grade according to the education system of Bangladesh! I never felt such situations before, really overwhelmed by the people around. Got special attention of people, students of my school and honorable teachers. It is really something that I never got before!

I will never forget the moment when I went to school just after hearing the news of getting GPA 5.0. All the students crowed to see me in the ground, girls from the balcony of 2nd floor. All of them were looking at me in a special manner. They were crowding around me to take picture. The teachers also congratulated me in a special way. And all these happened as any students from our school couldn't get A+ since last 4 years. I really felt amazing and special. I will never forget this amazing moment in my life.

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Tomorrow 6 May, 2018 is My S.S.C Result

Hmm, yeah you heard right, tomorrow is my SSC result. A journey of 10 years academical education is ending up with a result tomorrow. Am I very tensed? Thinking too much about it? Crying if it goes wrong? Haha, these all are jokes to me. Believe me, I am listening to music right now and seem to enjoying the time.   

The result of any academical exams never influenced me badly till now. And the reason behind it is, the strong support of my family. My mother never accused me for result. She always supported me whatever I do. Yet, I attended two public exams and resulted 4.83 and 4.85 respectfully in P.S.C and J.S.C. These never disappointed me a lot. Like today, I didn't feel much tensed on the previous day of publishing result in case of these exams as well.

Though, I could make it A+ in J.S.C if I would get A+ in Optional Subject "Krishi Shikkha" rather than A-. However, there's need of luck and well handwriting to get A+ in Bangladesh! The knowledge you gained rea…