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Top 18 Most Beautiful Flowers in the World 2018

Flowers are an incredible gift of nature that everyone loves. You may never be able to find a flowers hater in this world. They are the most beautiful thing in the world. It varies our emotions and loves towards other. It is known as symbol of love and relationship.

These help human to show their love and feelings. It fascinates us and bring smile to our face with its beauty, color and fragrance. According to a research, there are 270000 types of flowers in this world. Sad to see flowers stay for a short period in this nature but it shines nature in this short time.

There is no one who doesn’t smile seeing a flower. I can swear, if you give a flower to someone, she/he will surely show a smile to you. Even, if a man suffer sick for a long time or have a lot of sadness also can be destroyed by flowers.

Flowers has a strong power that impresses human at any time, any moment. However, we picked up Top 18 Most Beautiful Flowers name at the below with pictures. Though, it was very hard to do it because every flower is beautiful with their own aspects.

Rose - the king

If you search the term “Beautiful Flowers” the first answer for you is Rose. It is called the king of flowers as it is the most beautiful flower in the world. It is available all over the world and very easy to find. It is mostly used to wish someone in relationship matters.

Rose flower is widely known for love, sympathy or sorrow.

Bird of paradise

Rose is maybe king but who's the queen? Yes, it is Strelitzia who is queen of flowers. Strelitzia is also popular with the name “Bird of Paradise”. It's body looks quite like a bird. As it have a design similar to bird, so people named it with "Bird of Paradise". Besides its color, design and body is incredibly beautiful.

This flower is mostly seen in South Africa. But it is also rarely seen in countries like Bangladesh, Mexico, Belize, Chile, Madeira Islands. This has a beautiful shape of different colors and design. See the above image, doesn't it look like a bird? Blades of it, are quite looking like a bird's wings.


This beautiful and amazing flower is named for French botanist Pierre Magnol. It starts its life with purple color. At the middle age of this flower, it wears pink color. While this flower gets old enough, it covers whole body with white color. Magnolia flower's size is between 3-12 inches.

Mississippi and Louisiana declares this as their official state flower. Both states' nickname have "Magnolia" word. It is also known as most ancient trees in flower category. These are mostly found in North and Central America as well as West Indies.

Water lily

It is a great flower which grow upon and under water. Water Lilies have it's excellent white color with incredible design. There are also a bit sun color in the middle of this amazing flower. We usually see it to bloom in the morning and stops shining at night. Water Lilies' common size is 6 inches in height and 3-12 inch in width.

There are 4 kinds of Water Lilies. These gets divided by their colors. White is the main color of it. While Blue, Pink Orange and Red are also seen. This amazing flower is found almost all over the world. It is most popular in Asian Sub-continent. Even it is the national flower of Bangladesh. It is also used to in many religion of India.


Tulip is thought to be the most beautiful spring flower. It is considered as third most popular flower in the world. This flower comes up with unique and creative design, color and body of it's own. Carolus Clusius discovered this amazing flower for the first time. Holland exports billion of Tulip every year over the world. Beautiful Tulip Flower grows best in Asian Subcontinent specially Siberia, Holland and China.

Europe counties believe Tulip as the Ottoman Empire. Tulip has 75 wild species around the world. Plants of this flower can be 4-28 inches high. Tulip flowers usually grow and stay on the ground. However, considering all this is really an amazing one.


It is the biggest flowers family in the world with having more than 29,000 species and 200,000+ hybrids. The reason having such big family is that it can adapt itself in any environment. Orchids is also known as Orchidaceae.

This is a seasonal flower which blooms once in a year sometimes twice as well. After blooming, these flowers mostly stays 6-10 weeks in the nature. It covers the whole nature with it's beauty.


As my opinion, it is the 2nd Most Beautiful Flower in the world after Bird of Paradise. We saw king and queen of flowers in this article. And interestingly, I named Dahlia as prince of flowers. It has different kinds of species with their own colors. The colors variations for Dahlia are White, Red, Yellow and Pink. It would be an excellent idea to give this flower to someone you love. This has a beautiful shape, size and design all over.

Research says Dahlia has 40+ different species. Dahlia flowers plant can be 6-12 ft in height. This flower has amazing beauty but it doesn't have any scent. Mexico declare Dahlia as their national flower in 1963.


This flower is known as 2nd most popular in the world after Rose. It is a multi colors flower but design of all colors are same. By keeping the pace of giving flowers a creative name, I call this as Princess. Because, it has different kinds of beauties as like as a Princess.

There's a golden color circle in the middle of Chrysanthemum. It is also called "Golden flower" as it's name come from Greek word "Chrys" which means gold. This amazing flower has different kinds of sizes, designs and colors. It mainly contains white, yellow, purple or red color.

Chrysanthemum carries symbol of long life, love, truth and joy of life. This most beautiful flower is mostly seen in Germany, Italy, Japan, China and Australia. It grows in Europe and Asian subcontinent.

Cherry Blossom

This is a seasonal flower which blooms in spring season. It took the place of the national flower and most popular flowers in Japan. Cherry Blossom is one of the most beautiful flowers in the world because of it's creative colors. It is mostly grows in Europe, Bangladesh, India, Siberia, China, Korea, Canada, US and Japan. It is widely popular over the world. After the name of this flower, there's been a festival over the world in April and March named "Cherry Blossoms Festival".

White, a bit of red and palest pink is the main colors of Cherry Blossom. In spring season, Cherry Blossom tree covers the whole nature with it's leafs (which is considered as flowers). It looks amazing during spring season. These flowers stays in the trees for mostly 2-3 weeks. 

White Lotus

White Lotus is a bit similar to Water Lily described above. The index color of White Lotus is white which can be known bu hearing the name of this flower. There's also a bit of Pink color in the leafs of it. It also contains a gold color which makes it much beautiful. There is a circle in the middle of White Lotus like sun which is gold color.  This flower is especially involved to the traditions of China. It is also must need flower to the people in Buddhism and Hinduism religions.

White Lotus and Water Lilly are like twin baby of a mother. It is really amazing to see this beautiful White Lotus flower in the water. White Lotus carries the symbol of pure heart and soul. It also invites people to be pure. Overall, It is an amazing flower to see.

Lily of the Valley

Its scientific name is Convallaria majalis. The blooming flowers are very smalls and it is may be 1:8 ration comparing with the leaf. Usually, Lily of the Valley starts blooming during summer season sometimes in mild winters. It contains with 6 tepals which is mostly colored in white or sometimes pink. There's an interesting thing about the flower that it is called "Our Lady's tears or Mary's tears" in some religions. Lily of the Valley gets used in wedding though it can be a costly thing. Prince William & Catherine Middleton wedding were done using this flower.

Lily of the Valley is a very needy thing to celebrate the world's labor day on 1st May. It is really a simple and beautiful flower found in Asia, Europe and America. It grows in the cool temperature. However, after all it is one of the most beautiful flowers.

the other flowers are:

Oriental Poppy


Bleeding Heart


Passion Flower



Chocolate Cosmos

Jade Vine

Hey, thanks for reading, please don't forget to share if you have good mind that loves flower!  


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