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Becoming Negligent in the first 3 months of College life

It is shameful to state that I was totally negligent, inattentive and careless in the past 3 months. I got admitted to BAF Shaheen College Kurmitola back in July. I wasn't really happy getting admitted but luck, wrong choice and a weak research on college selection took me there.

I unconsciously selected B A F Shaheen College Kurmitola rather than Shaheen College Dhaka. Actually there are two branch of B A F Shaheen College in Dhaka. The main branch is located at Tejgaon and another one is at Kurmitola. I didn't took it seriously and faultily selected the Kurmitola branch. And finally, it headed me towards frustration and regret of not getting admitted to a better college. I could get admitted to much better college than this with the result I obtained. 

Another thing to be noted, I had a very good chance to get admitted in Notre Dame College and Saint Joseph College. These are the best 2 colleges in Bangladesh. Frankly speaking, I was totally negligent while taking preparat…

Time Management Apps to Improve Productivity

As a college student, time management is a vital and one of the most important task for me. I guess time management is equally important for all of you. Doing the right task at appropriate period makes us disciplined and efficient.

When you contemplate about time management, you must thought about making a routine. Hey man, it's not time for that. You shouldn't try making a routine in a note sitting in a table. The time management has already become much easier. Just pick up your smartphone and try the apps mentioned below.

TimeTune This is the app that I trust most while making a routine with a view to accomplish specific new habits. The design, concept and UI of this app is really great. TimeTune helps you to make routine and also schedule for any plans. You can easily set up routine for managing time using this app. 
It also reminds with a notification according to the time you settled in the routine. I have been using this amazing app for almost a year and quite satisfied …