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Right Forms of Verbs for HSC

Putting the right verbs in their correct form is basically task of this important part of English Grammar. We will learn the rules and also practice them below. So, let's become expert in Right Forms of Verb. This chapter is specially designed for Higher Secondary level students.

Rule 1: 
If we find the subject of verb as third person singular number, we have to add s or es at the ending of the verb. In this case, we need to identify the sentence as present indefinite. This rule won't work for other tenses.   
He wakes at up 6 O'clock.
She needs a break.
Shifat plays football everyday.

If you look up closely, you will find that subjects of these 3 sentences refer to third person singular number. So, we added e or es according to the rule.

Rule 2:
If we find any kinds of words that is similar to the words mentioned below, we will identify the sentence as present indefinite.

Always, Generally, Regularly, Occasionally, Rarely, Often, Daily, Everyday, Sometimes, Constantly, Never etc.

These words refer to the dimension of Adverb.   

He sometimes comes here.
My girl friend takes dinner at 9 O'clock.
A good boy friend always takes care of GF.

Rule 3: 
If a sentence carry two main verbs, we need to add ing at the end of second verb.

I have finished reading the chapter.

Look up closely, there are two verbs in the sentence mentioned above. The first one is finish and the second one is read. So, we simply added ing with the verb read. More Examples:

My girl friend came to me running.
I saw him swimming in the pool.
She likes walking in the morning.
Hasan likes doing math at night.

N.B: If a sentence refers to a specified purpose, then this rule won't work even if there are two main verbs. We need to use an infinitive in that case. Example:

I went to the park to hangout with my girl friend.
She studied hard to pass in the examination.

The sentences mentioned above shows a respective purpose to do something. So, we used "to" avoiding the rule number 3.

Rule 4:
If any sentences refer to the current situation, we have to identify it as present continuous tense. Usually, words mentioned below expresses something that happened in the current situation.

At present, Now, This year, this month, this season etc.


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