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Solution to HSC Dhaka Board 2017 English 1st Paper Question

4. Read the following text and fill in the blanks with suitable word from the box. There are more
words than needed. Make any grammatical change if necessary. 0.5 × 10 = 5

recur, safe, opine, aware, develop, precaution
minimize, lie, compulsory, straight, loss, possibility.

It's a matter of great concern that Bangladesh (a) — in the active earthquake zone. Most of the
Bangladeshis are fully (b) — of its severity. Experts are alarmed by the (c) — of quakes during recent
years. But they give no (d) — answer to the question of (e) — about the buildings of Dhaka city. Since there is every (f) — of earthquakes in Bangladesh, experts call for taking adequate (g) — measures to (h) — losses. Rajuk (i) — that an earthquake resistant building code should be (j) —.

a) lies
b) unaware
c) recurrence
d) straight
e) safety
f) possibility (It's a noun and sat before a preposition, singular because (there is) indicates)
g) precautionary (measures is a noun, so we need to use precautionary as it is adjective form)
h) minimize
i) opines
j) compulsory

# Noun or Pronoun sits before a preposition.
# We need to use an adjective before a noun.

5. Fill in the gaps using suitable words. 1 × 10 = 10

Rabindranath Tagore was a man of (a) — genius. He was (b) — a poet and a novelist (c) — a
playwright, a composer, a painter and a philosopher. He was awarded the Nobel Prize for (d) —
'Gitanjali' into English. Those translations earned him a great (e) — in the West. As a humanist,
Tagore accused the British (f) — and pleaded for the (g) — of India from Britain. Tagore was highly
influential in (h) — the best of Indian culture to the West and vice-versa. He (i) — himself to literature at a very early age. After coming back from England, he began to write (j) — in all branches of literature.

a) versatile (adj)/
b) not only
c) but also
d) translating
e) popularity/name
f) rules
g) freedom/independence
h) exchanging/transporting
i) engaged/attached
j) continuously/copiously

6. Rearrange the following sentences to make a coherent order. 1 × 10 = 10
(i) Then he invited applications.
(ii) The applicants were asked to meet the Sultan one by one.
(iii) Long ago, there lived a Sultan in a country.
(iv) Then he found the desired man.
(v) He wanted to appoint an honest man as his tax collector.
(vi) A number of people applied for the job.
(vii) All the applicants blushed and refused except one.
(viii) So, he asked for the wise counselor’s advice.
(ix) When they all arrived, the Sultan asked them to dance.
(x) They came through a passage where gold coins were kept.

Long ago, there lived a Sultan in a country. He wanted to appoint a honest man as his tax collector. So he asked for wise counselor's advice. Then he invited applications. A number of people applied for the job. They came through a passage where colds coins were kept. The applicants were asked to meet Sultan one by one. When they all arrived, Sultan asked them to dance. All applicants blushed and refused except one. Then he found the desired man.

Order: iii + v + viii + i + vi + x + ii + ix + vii + iv


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